Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park

The true heart of the Pyrenees and one of the first protected natural spaces in Europe
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Declared World Heritage by Unesco, Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park hosts four valleys (Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta), embracing the Mountain “Monte Perdido” (Lost Mountain), the highest limestone massif in Europe.

Ordesa Gradas de Soaso (2) – copia Añisclo (1) Ordesa_01 Ordesa (3) Pineta_01 Ordesa (2) Añisclo_04


Ordesa valley is the soul of the Park. Trekking the paths, melting yourself in the environment… it is an experience that will remain in your memory for ever.

Thousands of people from all over the world to admire, in any season, wonders like Tozal del Mallo, the Strait waterfall, Soaso walls and Beeches Wood. Endless day-trips and climbing to be done in this valley all over the year. The one leading you to the Horse Tail waterfall is a classic one, since beauty in addition to ease make it available for everyone.

Vultures, eagles, bearded vultures, chamois and groundhogs coexisting in dense beech and pine forests; rivers and crystal-clear mountain lakes (“ibons”), high fields and dizzy rocks.

Torla is located right at the entrance of the valley, a typically charming village from the Pyrenees, providing the visitor to the National Park every services needed to enjoy their stay. From Torla, stepping into Bujaruelo valley is one of the options, on an unknown nice trip.

Next door to Torla lies Broto. Walk down the beautiful old part and, in the surrounding area, you shouldn’t miss the spectacular Sorrosal waterfall.

Añisclo canyon, accessible from Escalona, is like a deep cut in the mountain from north to south. 

Escuaín gorges, accessible from the same named village, are another example of natural strength. Escuain valley is the smallest of the four hosted in the National Park and, probably, the least visited. Nevertheless, such amazing gorges are undoubtedly worth visiting. Moreover, several protected bird species can be watched from there.

Pineta valley is a peaceful and bucolic one, with the typical glacier-origin U shape. Surrounded by powerful peaks and woody slopes, it ends in front of ‘Tres Sorores’ mountains: ‘Monte Perdido’, ‘Marboré Cylinder’ and ‘Soum de Ramond’, forcing you to raise your eyesight up to more than 3,000 metres. This valley can be reached from Bielsa, famous by their carnival, the most popular and traditional one in Aragón.


Basic info

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park
  • Opening period: all year round
  • Price: free entry
  • Phone: 974 48 64 72 (Visitors' centre Torla - Ordesa)
  • Phone: 974 50 51 31 (Information point Escalona - Añisclo)
  • Phone: 974 50 10 43 (Information point Bielsa - Pineta)
  • Phone: 974 24 33 61 (Administrative office)
  • Email: ordesa@aragon.es

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