Añisclo Canyon

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It is one of the most spectacular sceneries in Aragón, a deep gorge sculpted for centuries by the intense erosion of Bellós river. The numerous and high waterfalls, the deep Woods and the feeling of being in a unique place were enough reasons to be included in the National Park in 1982.

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A massive cut among mountains, this canyon is a narrow alley where river Bellós is looking for a way out.

In Escalona the signal post to the Canyon can be spotted. Along this road you are going to reach San Úrbez parking (Ereta de Biés), driving through a narrow defile known as ‘las Cambras’. A horse path goes down towards ‘San Úrbez’ bridge, 30 metres high above the river.

From San Úrbez area several trekking routes can be started.

Bridge over Bellós river- Aso river. Easy 45 minutes long itinerary in circle, leading along several natural balconies towards Aso river, which can be seen descending in the shape of beautiful waterfalls.

Sercué. A 3-4 hours long circular route allowing you to know Sercué, abandoned village during the rural exodus in these highlands. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Romanesque-origin church.

‘La Ripareta’. Following up the river, and climbing roughly 440 metres, this spot can be reached in 3 or 4 hours. This is where Pardina ravine and the river meet together. Views are awesome, but caution is basic while getting close to watch the river. The way back is the same one.

‘Fuen Blanca’. This route goes an extra mile from the previous one. It is a demanding trip since another 2 or 3 hours walking from ‘La Ripareta’ must be accomplished until reaching ‘Fuen Blanca’ waterfall.

There are many other recommendable places in that area, like Aso Mill cave or Moor’s cave, Buerba Balcony, or nearby villages like Puyarruego, Vió, Nerín and Fanlo.

At the information point in Escalona you can get further information about these and some other trekking routes in Añisclo area, matching your personal condition.

The road from Escalona to San Úrbez is one-way ascending (south-north). To drive out the canyon there two possible options: by the road from Buerba and Vió to Escalona, and the one through Fanlo towards Sarvisé. Both are two-way roads.


NOTICE: Access to Añisclo Canyon closed from May 6th to June 28th, 2024.


Basic info

  • Opening period: all year round
  • Price: free entry
  • Car park: free
  • Phone: 974 50 51 31 (Escalona information point)
  • Email: ordesa@aragon.es

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