Serrablo Churches Route

Serrablo Churches Route

Small Romanesque churches, olden than one thousand years, located in magical enclaves in the Pyrenees
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These churches offer, as their main charm, being built in hamlets around Tena valley. Their architectonical traits made them unique and interesting, with artistic singularities from Lombard Romanesque style.

Ruta Iglesias del Serrablo_Orós Bajo (2) Ruta Iglesias del Serrablo_San Juan de Busa Ruta Iglesias del Serrablo_Lárrede Ruta Iglesias del Serrablo_Orós Bajo (1) Igesias del Serrablo

This route is formed by a group of small Romanesque churches possessing artistic traits from Lombard Romanesque style: tiny size, an only-apse nave, austere decoration in the outside and a slender bell tower.

Their charming locations in tiny hamlets in the Pyrenees along the Gállego river make them even prettier. They are:

  1. San Martín de Arto
  2. San Juan de Busa
  3. San Bartolomé de Gavín
  4. Santa María de Isún de Basa
  5. Iglesia de Javierrelatre
  6. San Pedro de Lárrede
  7. San Pedro de Lasieso
  8. San Miguel de Latre
  9. San Martín de Oliván
  10. San Martín de Ordovés
  11. San Miguel de Orna
  12. Santa Eulalia de Orós Bajo
  13. San Juan de Orús
  14. San Andrés de Satué
  15. Santa Eulalia de Susín

Some of them are opened, such as the in Satué, Lárrede, San Juan de Busa, Oliván and San Bartolomé de Gavín. Other are locked, even though their main Romanesque traits are at the outside.


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