Pineta valley

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It is one of the four valleys hosted by Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, and one of the most majestic in the Pyrenees. From Bielsa towards the ‘Virgen de Pineta’ shrine you will drive along a road surrounded by a worthless beauty landscape, where deep pine, beech and fir forests will accompany you along the way.

Valle de Pineta (3) Valle de Pineta (1) Valle de Pineta (2) Parador Nacional de Bielsa Valle de Pineta – Z Foto

Pineta valley hosts Cinca river source forming one of the most astonishing river flows in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Mountain circus in Pineta heads the valley and takes part in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. The scenery is a pot with green grass, freezing waters, naked stones and snow.

The valley is surrounded by peaks quite higher than 2,000 metres, generating an overwhelming feeling of narrowness. These heights are clearly surpassed at the entrance of the valley, where several 3,0000 peaks can be found, like the landmark ‘Monte Perdido’ (3,355m.), ‘Marboré’ and ‘Tuca Roya’.

Lalarri plains

It is the best-known route in Pineta valley, because it is easy and quite plain, the best option for a family day. The itinerary starts at the bottom of the valley, beside the high-standing public hotel (‘Parador Nacional’) and it will take you roughly an hour and a half reaching the green fields highlighting the trip. Beech trees, mixed with some firs, make the walk pleasant and sheltered from sun rays.

Pineta Balcony

A pretty far more demanding climbing, taking about 5 hours from the ‘Parador’, will allow you to reach Pineta balcony and enjoy a spectacular paramount. In thirty minutes more you can reach Marboré lake, from where the glacier sightseeing is also wonderful.

At the information Point in Bielsa you will get more info about these and some other trekking routes around this area, matching your personal skills.


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