Province of Teruel

Magical landscapes and charming villages where time stopped centuries ago
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You are welcome to travel to the Middle Ages. Teruel, Albarracín, Rubielos de Mora or any of the Maestrazgo villages will take you back in time. Enjoy the Teruel ranges and the Valdelinares and Javalambre ski resorts. Discover the world of dinosaurs in Dinopolis, the biggest paleontological park in Europe.

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Teruel, Albarracín and Peracense

The emblematic towers in Teruel city and the superb cathedral are the top expressions of Mudejar art in Spain. Gentle and nice, really beautiful. This is the way Teruel city is, the most romantic one in Aragón, capital of Mudejar art and dinosaurs.

Albarracín is a unique place. Taking promenades along this town, walking along the city wall and stepping into its monuments is like traveling to Medieval ages. In the surrounding area lies one of the most surprising cultural and scenery-like locations in Aragón: The Albarracín Cultural Park. It stands as a remarkable geological, paleontological and archaeological heritage, holding one of the biggest amounts of post-Paleolithic prehistoric art in South West Europe.

Nearby, in the lands of Jiloca, a majestic fortress stands: Peracense castle.

Maestrazgo and Gúdar and Javalambre mountain ranges

This territory seems to have stopped to stare in silent its own legendary past. In villages like Cantavieja, Mirambel or La Iglesuela del Cid, every corner hides something to show.

Maestrazgo Cultural Park is a perfect mix between heritage and nature. Located in the Iberian Mountains in Teruel, is formed by valleys, mountain chains and defiles keeping inside outstanding natural spaces. Surprising views such as ‘órganos de Montoro’, near from Villarluengo, ‘Ojos del río Pitarque’ or the Crystal Caves in Molinos are just a few samples of the natural beauty in this Park.

In Gúdar and Javalambre mountain ranges, take pleasure in their charming villages, like Mora de Rubielos and Rubielos de Mora.

But if you are looking for distressing, this land offers you the chance to do it in ‘El Paraíso, the Bath resort in Manzanera. If you are keen on skiing, the snowed high peaks in these mountains provide tow modern ski resorts: Aramón Valdelinares and Aramón Javalambre.