Rubielos de Mora

Rubielos de Mora

One of the most monumental and beautiful towns in Aragón
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With its town walls, Renaissance manor houses and picturesque corners, offers one of the nicest old parts in the country, and whose accurate restoration was acknowledged by the Europa Nostra prize.

Lonja del Ayuntamiento Fotografo-zaragoza Fotografo-zaragoza Fotografo-zaragoza

You are welcome by the City Hall, one of the most monumental civil buildings in the town, with a large market place built according to Levantinian gothic style.

Rubielos de Mora holds magnificent examples of civil and religious architecture, remembering a thriving past. Apart from the City Hall, several manor houses can be found, the Modernist-style school, the former Hospital now Museum Salvador Victoria, the former monastery Colegiata de Santa María, the former “Carmen” and “Agustinas” convents (Museum José Gonzalvo).

This village holds a ‘Territorio Dinópolis‘ facility, ‘Región Ambarina‘, where you will see, among other things, the way insects got trapped by resin on the trees, until today.


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