Get lost along the steep alleys in this town whose beauty captivates every visitor. This is why Azorín described it as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.
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Albarracín is a unique place. Taking promenades along this town, walking along the city wall and stepping into its monuments is like traveling to Medieval ages.

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You will admire every corner, red-coloured houses, doors and ring bells, tiny windows with lace curtains or carved wood richly forged balconies. Not to mention wonderful sightseeing from uneven locations.

The precious architectonical and urban legacy of this unique town breaths charm and rest.

The main Square, where the City Hall is located, is a good place to start your visit round this picturesque town, sheltering a bunch of interesting monuments and museums, like the cathedral, ‘Santiago’ and ‘Santa María’ churches, the Pérez-Toyuela family Museum-Manor House, the City Museum and the Bishopric Museum. Don’t miss, if you are taking your kids, the Toy Museum.

If you wish to enjoy Albarracín’s natural surrounding area, you can take a pleasant promenade along Guadalaviar river beside the river meander dug by water.

We recommend you parking right before entering town and wearing comfortable shoes to walk the numerous steeps and stairs along your promenade.

Another allurement offered by Albarracín is a Dinópolis Territory facility, devoted to fossils world and prehistoric seas (‘Mar Nummus’).

In the surrounding area lies one of the most surprising cultural and scenery-like locations in Aragón: The Protected Landscape of Ródeno Pine Woods. The chromatic contrasts between the pine green and the stone red in Ródeno create a colourful, strong, beauty space. Inside the rocky shelters there are excellent samples of Levantinian prehistoric art, declared World Heritage by Unesco.

The best way to know Albarracín, is, out of question, enjoying a guided tour along the alleys and most emblematic monuments. They are organized by ‘Santa María’ foundation and ‘El Andador’, a touristic services business.


Basic info

  • Car park: free
  • Guided tours: Santa María Foundation and El Andador
  • Phone: 978 70 40 35 (Santa María Foundation)
  • Phone: 978 700 381 / 667 260 601 (El Andador)

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What to see near Albarracín

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