Peracense castle

Peracense castle

Its impressive red-coloured silhouette outstands in the outskirts of ‘Sierra Menera (Mining hills)
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Peracense castle is one the most beautiful and impressive in Aragón. It was built on the top of a rock in the 13th century to defend the border. It was a feudal castle, prison and an important fortress during the Carlist wars.

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Peracense’s old part is watched by his impressive castle’s silhouette, built up in 13th century on a former Muslim fortress. Time gone by since then has not overcome this invincible building which, nowadays, keeps most of the rooms. It contains a 4,000 sq.m area and three concentric enclosure.

Admire how the rock melts with the castle and the way the castle camouflages among the land, as most buildings in this village (church, city hall and others) have been built with rodeno’s stone, peculiarly red-coloured.

The best castle views and the surrounding area can be enjoyed from ‘San Ginés’ Hill, although the paramount from the fortress itself is also good enough.


Basic info

Peracense castle
  • Opening period: all year round
  • Price: 3,5 € (ask for reduced rates)
  • Car park: free
  • Phone: 978 86 58 27 (Town Council)
  • Phone: 620 86 30 78 (guide)

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