Entering the city walls through the Nuns Gate is like diving suddenly in old times
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Walking around Mirambel will take you back in time. The old part, one of the prettiest in Aragón, deserved the Europa Nostra prize for being duly preserved. It is a medieval monument which belonged to San Juan Military Order and whose city walls are perfectly kept.

Portal de las Monjas Fotografo-zaragoza Fotografo-zaragoza Fotografo-zaragoza Fotografo-zaragoza

The streets hide numerous architectonical jewels, among them the nice Nuns Gate’s lattice. In a quiet promenade through the village you will discover other remarkable buildings like the monastery ‘Agustinas’, the church ‘Santa Margarita’, the Market Hall or the Renaissance City Hall.

At the Centre of Interpretation for Architectonical Heritage in Maestrazgo you will admire, on panels and scale models, some of the most outstanding buildings in the area.

On the other hand, Mirambel is a part of the Cultural Park Maestrazgo, a vast territory with rich cultural and natural heritage, where an impressive geology and archaeological sites are combined with worthy examples of Levantinian Gothic style, Renaissance architecture and the Baroque.

Several signaled paths cross the town and offer the chance to enjoy the natural surroundings. You can come over on an easy promenade to the nearby villages La Cuba and Tronchón.


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What to see near Mirambel

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