Maestrazgo Cultural Park

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’Maestrazgo’ Cultural Park is a perfect mix between heritage and nature. During the Middle Ages, this large territory was under the jurisdiction of the masters belonging to different Military Orders.

Villarluengo. Órganos de Montoro Mirambel. Portal de las Monjas Pitarque. Nacimiento del río Pitarque

Located in the Iberian Mountains in Teruel, is formed by valleys, mountain chains and defiles keeping inside outstanding natural spaces.

Surprising views such as ‘órganos de Montoro’, near from Villarluengo, ‘Ojos del río Pitarque’ or the Crystal Caves in Molinos are just a few samples of the natural beauty in this Park.

This landscape attractions must be added to the ten Architectonical Heritage sites considered BIC (Heritage of cultural interest), jealous guardians of their glorious past times. La Iglesuela del Cid preserves the ‘Torre de los Nublos’ tower, which belonged to an ancient templar castle, as well as countless Aragonese-style palaces.

Cantavieja is a must, where its templar warrior past can still be felt, or Miravete de la Sierra with its beautiful square. Villarroya de los Pinares partially holds its ancient city wall and several palaces. Tronchón is famous for its cheese, once named by Cervantes in The Quijote. And, of course, Mirambel, a beauty inside a city wall, the jewel of this Park. Mosqueruela combines its picturesque old town with its spectacular location, surrounded by ravines. Fortanete keeps an old town-like flavour. Castellote and Puertomingalvo end up this privileged list. Visiting this Cultural Park implies wandering through History.

Aliaga and Galve possess a Geological and a Paleontological Parks respectively. Villarcastillo lets you know the dawn of iron handcraft and Alcorisa pottery. Mas de las Matas provides archaeological sites and holds seven shelters with cave paintings, Levantinian and schematical style, near the towns of MosqueruelaCastellote and Ladruñán.

There are remains of a Roman mausoleum under the shrine ‘Nuestra Señora del Cid’, in La Iglesuela, and from Visigothic times in Aguaviva. Puertomingalvo still has some Roman burials and remains from its Islamic past. Gothic and Baroque are shown in their nice old towns.

Hinojosa de Jarque holds an outstanding Sculptorical Park. Trekking and mountain bike lovers will find so many paths all over this Park. The long path GR 8 connects different villages in the area, such as Pitarque to la Cañada de Benatanduz, or from Fortanete to Mirambel. Paths come also close to rivers and tributaries in this Park, e.g. River Bordón Straits, the Fonseca natural bridge up to the Guadalope river, or the source of the Pitarque River.

What to see near Cantavieja

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