Monastery of Piedra

Monastery of Piedra

Art and nature walk hand in hand in a unique spot where water springs out of the blue.
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While flowing down, Piedra river forms across Nuévalos a natural scenery around a monastery founded by Cistercian monks in 12th century. Bask around the sound of water. Waterfalls, caves and beauty pools coexist in an unusual vergel where green reigns in the middle of a desert landscape.

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In the village of Nuévalos, a few kilometres from Calatayud, the famous Monastery of Piedra is located, an old Cistercian monastery inside a nice natural park full of waterfalls, water springs and caves. It is ones of the most beautiful and visited sceneries in Aragón.

This natural park is a peaceful place, the best one to relax, basking around with the sound of water descending the different waterfalls. The most famous is Horse Tail. In the inside there is a large natural cave with stalactites formations. Contrasting the waterfalls, the quiet Mirror Pool waters can be admired next door.

Surprise is the first impression when arriving here. Surprise when discovering this unusual greenery where water and abundant vegetation reign in the middle of a desert region. The same surprised monks felt when they first arrived in this place and founded a Cistercian monastery in 12th century. Some of the rooms can be visited, like the cloister, the meeting hall, the kitchen where the first ever chocolate in Europe was baked, the church and the crypt, the refectory or the lavatory.

Your visit can be completed by enjoying a raptors exhibition and the Wine Museum ‘Designation of Origin Calatayud’, settled in the former monastery cellars.


Basic info

Monastery of Piedra
  • Opening period: all year round
  • Price: 16 € (ask for reduced rates)
  • Car park: free
  • Phone: 902 19 60 52
  • Email:

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