The archaeological sites and the rich cultural heritage in the old part advertise this millennial city
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The fourth largest town in Aragón, in the middle of a fertile garden and orchard area, it has a privileged location between Zaragoza and Madrid, showing off proudly dynamism and economic puissance.

Calatayud – Hospedería Mesón de la Dolores Calatayud-Colegiata de Santa María OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_003 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_009 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_019 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_024 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_033 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_038 Ruta09Calatayud_Calatayud_041 Calatayud – Torre de Santa María – Comarca de Calatayud (2)

Romans realized the advantageous location and founded Bilbilis, whose important remains in a site are still preserved, five kilometres off the city center, and in the Archaeological Museum.

From Islamic ages is Ayub castle, from whom ‘Calatayud’ is derived. The Moor suburb is placed below it, formed by narrow crooked alleys. Due to a long Muslim presence in town, Calatayud proudly offers Mudejar prints, World Heritage: the tower, the absys and cloister in the magnificent monastery ‘Colegiata de Santa María’; the church and the tower in ‘San Pedro de los Francos’ and ‘San Andrés’ church and tower.

You should enter the church ‘San Juan el Real’ to admire the dome and its four dome pendentives. Apart from that, you can visit some of the city gates, like ‘Puerta del Terrer’, with a Fountain ‘de los Ocho caños’ or ‘Puerta de Zaragoza’. Don’t leave before taking a walk along the old Jewish suburb and dropping by ‘Plaza de España’.

At the hostel ‘Mesón de la Dolores’ and the Museum you will learn first-hand all about this legendary character, topic for movies, ‘zarzuelas’ and literary works.

As far as celebrations are concerned, take a chance on ‘Las Alfonsadas’, a festivity recreating Calatayud conquest by Alfonso I. ‘San Roque’, held on 15th August, make the town burst into rejoice all over the streets. Both celebrations were declared of Touristic Interest by Aragon’s Government.


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