Garnacha’s Wine Route

Garnacha’s Wine Route

Files in Monastery ‘Veruela’ depict the first reference to the vineyard in these lands back in year 1203
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It was the Cistercian monks at Monastery ‘Veruela’ who fostered vineyard farming, particularly Garnacha variety, indigenous from these lands, as it adapts perfectly to these lands and climate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ruta de la Garnacha – Viñedos Borja Ruta de la Garnacha – Bodegas Ruberte Ruta de la Garnacha – Viñedos Campo de Borja

Borja county ‘Campo de Borja’ keeps this mythical spirit among cellars, silence and barrels which have managed to preserve traditional wine craftwork.

The diverse microclimates and grounds enriches Garnacha’s impressive wine heritage and allows us to call ‘Campo de Borja’ as Garnacha’s empire. Even though Garnacha rules production clearly, it is also accompanied by Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet.

The Museum devoted to this Designation of Origin lies inside the Monastery o Veruela walls, as a good option as starting point for your route around Moncayo lands.

Since 2015, landscape of Garnacha Wine Touristic Route includes Campo de Borja County, Vera de Moncayo and El Buste, was given the Touristic Interesting Area award. It is formed by 20 villages linked by vineyards landscapes and offers peculiarity and an extraordinary cultural and environmental value.

The routes ‘Garnacha’, ‘Somontano’, ‘Campo de Cariñena’’ and ‘Calatayud’ have joined to form the brand ‘Enoturismo Aragón’, thus intensifying their market share.


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Garnacha’s Wine Route

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