Near below Moncayo mountain one of the most beautiful and monumental towns in Aragón is waiting for you.
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Apart from home place to Singer Raquel Meller and comediant Paco Martínez Soria, Tarazona can show off a long list of priceless artistic monuments. The cathedral is a singular example of Gothic temple where exceptional Mudejar and Renaissance legacies coexist.

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Among them, the Cathedral ‘Santa María de Huerta’ stands out, a beautiful mosaic of architecture styles whose origins date back to 13th century. Gothic, Mudejar and Renaissance get together in which is considered one of the best Gothic cathedrals in Spain. Guiders will tell you everything a story that, after decades of restoration works, was reopened to the public in 2011 and today it shines proudly.

It is also a must visiting the off-the-wall eight-sided bullfighting arena, built in 18th century and without references in Spain.

The amazing City Hall Renaissance façade deserves to be watched carefully. Walk on through the old part alleys and its nice houses, seemingly hung over Queiles river, the church ‘Santa María Magdalena’ and the convent ‘Concepción’. Get lost in the old Jewish suburb – included in the Spanish web of Jewish suburbs – and the Muslim suburb, both witnesses of the cultural coexistence in ancient times.

Tarazona is a vigorous city vibrating with ‘Cipotegato’, to whom visitors and neighbours chase throwing him tomatoes every 27th August, San Atilano’s day. So, if you had the chance to live this celebration, put on some clothes you don’t care to get stained.

Moreover, only a short drive from the town will take you to the Moncayo Natural Park and the cistercian Monastery of Veruela.

On the other hand, if you are a bicycle enthusiast, you have the opportunity to ride different routes with Tarazona as a starting point. The best known is the one leading to the shrine ‘Virgen del Moncayo’. Another worth-riding route takes you to Borja on the Roman way.

We cannot forget one of the most famous routes along these lands, ‘Tarazonica’ Green Way, using the old railway between Tudela (Navarre) and Tarazona. 22 kilometres on foot or riding. The Castilian-Aragonese Santiago’s Road crosses the town.


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