Montañana (Huesca)

Montañana (Huesca)

Montañana hosts more than a thousand years of history, although currently silence is the main dweller on the cobblestoned streets
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Walking slowly this hamlet in the Pyrenees and watching quietly the small stone facades will allow you to step back in time and to picture what life used to be in Middle Age. Only a few hamlets in the Pyrenees preserve their essence as much as this, anchored in the past and still free from mass tourism.

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Its outstanding architectonic richness has made it deserve the consideration of Historic Artistic Heritage and BIC (of Cultural Interest). From a thriving past it keeps three Romanesque churches, two castles’ remains and a beautiful Medieval-like double arcaded bridge which has become this villa’s landmark. Crossing this bridge involves diving down to the Middle Age.

To reach this place, you should move to Ribagorza territory. Driving between Benabarre and Pont de Suert you should turn left shortly after driving past El Puente de Montañana. You’ll be surprised by romantic natural surroundings, on the edge of Noguera Ribagorzana river.  

Crowning the houses from the top, you will see the Romanesque church ‘Nuestra Señora de Baldós’ from 12th century, whose amazing bell tower was built in 13th century replacing a former surveillance tower. Stop by in front of the Portico, profusely decorated, the magnificent tympanum, and the capitals decorating it are worth a detailed glimpse. In the inside original frescos can be delighted, dating from 14th century lineal gothic. The prison tower and the shrine ‘San Juan’ are other monuments to be admired along the promenade.

The best way to know the village is by the guided tours provided by the Tourism Office in town. We also recommend you a nice trekking path around Montañana, leading you to a natural balcony where the best sightseeing can be obtained over the housing parts and their surroundings.

Since 1999 Aragón’s Government has been implementing a restoration Project which has achieved to recover most of Montañana medieval taste.


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Montañana (Huesca)

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