Mont Rebei Canyon

Mont Rebei Canyon

Walk along the vertiginous passageways crossing over Montsec mountain range
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Noguera Ribagorzana river is the natural border between Aragón and Catalonia, in the Pyrenees. It faces the Montsec hills sin the Mont Rebei canyon, a massive 300 m deep crevice. You can walk it over a narrow corridor whose sightseeing is amazing.

Montfalcó pasarelas – Sierra del Montsec (3) Montfalcó pasarelas – Sierra del Montsec (4) Montfalcó pasarelas – Sierra del Montsec (2) Congosto Mont Rebei – Pasarelas Montfalcó (4)

One of the prettiest itineraries to be made for knowing Mont Rebei canyon is the Passageways route in Montfalcó. The paths start in the uninhabited hamlet Montfalcó, where the hostel Casa Batlle provides the visitor with room service, restaurant, meals, info point, kayaks to rent and guided activities.

To reach this place, a forest path in good condition should be taken as far as Viacamp. 15 kilometres further on is Montfalcó, where there is a free parking site.

The route towards the canyon is pretty demanding, as it runs along 16 kilometres and a 900 metres elevation gain all in all. It can be made by anyone used to walking, taking into account that it takes about six hours to make it and some trams are not recommended for people suffering from vertigo. Any season of the year is the right one to do it, but in summer you’re better off setting off early in the morning to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

You will cross pretty high passageways and the impressive hanging bridge in Seguer canyon, communicating Aragón and Catalonia, hanging from 35 metres high. Amazing views can be enjoyed throughout the path showing that your effort is, out of question, worth it.

Photos: Comarca de la Ribagorza


Basic info

Mont Rebei Canyon
  • Opening period: all year round
  • Car park: free (Montfalcó)
  • Phone: 974 562 043 (Hostel of Montfalcó)

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