Roda de Isábena

Roda de Isábena

A must-see visit in Ribagorza region is this outstanding monumental site from Middle Age, hosting one of the most charming cathedrals in Spain.
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Intricate alleys form the crooked old part in the medieval jewel in Aragón. The porticoes, passageways and walls will make your imagination fly you away to the most remarkable time of this village.

Roda de Isábena roda de Isabena – romanico Roda de Isábena – románico (2) Roda de Isábena

The greatest treasure here is the former cathedral ‘San Vicente’, considered the most ancient in Aragón and the smallest in Spain, as well as one of the most beautiful. It began to be built during 11th century in Lombard Romanesque style and, throughout the years, has received several renovations and extensions.

The beautiful cloister, austere and tiny, turns out to be a charming place for a promenade.

This cathedral contains, also, a ‘Hospedería of Aragón’ whose restaurant is located in the former refectory. Besides the cathedral the Prior’s palace is erected, from 16th century.


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Roda de Isábena
  • Phone: 974 54 45 35 (guided tours)
  • Phone: 974 54 45 54 (Hospedería)

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