Valley of Benasque

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The highest peaks in Aragón must share their fame here with glaciers and frozen lakes. But apart from its amazing landscapes, you may be seduced by its villages plenty of charm and their wide range of activities all over the year.

Benasque (1) Llanos del Hospital (4) Benasque (5) Anciles (2) Cerler

Benasque valley hosts Posets-Maladeta Naural Park, a superb sample of Pyrenean landscape where the highest mountains will get carved on your eyes.

The neuralgic centre of the valley is the town of Benasque. Apart from a nice old part, every kind of touristic services are available: shops, hotels and restaurants.

If you are eager of snow, run to the Aramón Cerler ski resort, very close to Benasque. In the resort of Llanos del Hospital cross country and Nordic ski can be practices, whereas long walks in summer.

In the outskirts of Benasque it is worth taking a walk to the hamlet of Anciles and watching its beautiful traditional houses.

Eriste, also close to Benasque, is a good starting point to climb the mountain ‘Posets’, the second highest peak in the Pyrenees. At its feet lies the valley of ‘los Ibones’, with the lake of ‘Las Alforjas’, the ‘ibón de Posets’ or the lake of ‘la Plana’ as references. The area of Escarpinosa (with the lakes of ‘Escarpinosa’,‘Batisielles’ and ‘Aigüeta de Batisielles’) and Perramó, border line between the valleys of Estós and Eriste, present unbelievable landscapes to visitors.

In the most eastern part of the valley of Benasque, there are several ibones. Moreover, the water resort ‘Baños de Benasque’ is also here, the highest in Spain. The bath resort is crowned by the Aneto, the second highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula, and the Maladeta mountain. Right here some of the last glaciers in the Aragonese Pyrenees can be found, protected as Natural Monument of the Pyrenean Glaciers, the most southern ones in Europe.

From the nearby valley of Noguera Ribagorzana you will discover some off-the-beaten-track places where you will love to get missed in, like the beautiful valley of Salenques or several lakes in the area.

But, out of question, the best way to know the heaven-on-earth valley is trekking their numerous paths. Don’t worry if you’re unfit, because routes are adapted to every type of ages and fitness. Thanks to it, you will feel nature at its best. We particularly recommend you the famous trekking journey leading you to the pleasant waterfall of ‘Forau D’Aiguallut’.

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