Let’s go ‘Tapas’

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Tiny delights which allow you taste different flavors and textures in just one bite. This is the way tapas are in Aragón, a deeply ingrained tradition joining tradition and modernity.

de tapas por el Tubo 1 – Daniel Marcos & Félix Bernad Tapas. Puerta Cinegia_02 (1) Tapas Tapas. La Republicana

Contests held every year in the main cities and towns all over Aragón clearly show the way our gastronomy is innovating the art of standing-up eating, with restaurants making clear their leadership in research and development as far as new micro-cuisine is concerned.

In Huesca, the tapas assortment has been renewed and invigorated, currently focusing in the city centre, particularly in the streets between ‘Porches de Galicia’ and San Lorenzo’s church.

In Teruel, you will see a popular and uniform assortment in almost every restaurant, mainly based in ‘jamón’ and pork meat, fried and salted by-products. It seems to be more plate-like than tapas-like. To taste them you should walk down the streets Yagüe de Salas, San Juan, Torico Square and nearby streets, as well as the Paseo del Óvalo, la Ronda de Ambeles and el Tozal.

No doubt you have heard El Tubo. It is the most known Tapas area in Saragosse, located in the old town, as well as in the squares of Santa Marta, Santa Cruz and San Miguel. In all of them traditional restaurants offer state-of-the-art tasty proposals plenty of imagination.

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