Spas of Aragón

Twelve must-have destinations to revitalize your body and mind
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Thermal waters springing from depth to offer you health and well-being. Come up to any of the twelve baths set along Aragón: three in the Pyrenees, six in the Iberian mountain range and three in southern Teruel. Click on your senses and come to live the Baths of Aragón.

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Bath Resorts in the Pyrenees

Their natural virtues assemble to the impressive landscape of massive forests and high peaks. Add peaceful rest and adventure sports to the waters’ effect. Panticosa Resort, ‘Vilas del Turbón’ and ‘Baños de Benasque’ are the three spa resorts you are going to find along our Pyrenees valleys.

In the Iberian mountain range

Water and rock both shine in these sceneries, mixing and creating imaginative sculptures, valleys and ravines, making a wonderful sightseeing and excellent location for a peaceful rest. In Jaraba, ‘Sicilia’, ‘Serón’ and ‘La Virgen’, in Alhama de Aragón, ‘Termas Pallarés’ and ‘Balneario Alhama’ and, last but not least, the Bath in the village of Paracuellos de Jiloca.

Spa resorts in Teruel

Baths in Teruel mix both tradition and state of the art. The Spa in Manzanera has been opened since 1935, whereas bath resorts in Ariño and Baños de Segura have done it recently with a modern design.

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