Tena Valley

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Ascending landscapes up to 3,000 metres high, villages full of charm and a first class entertaining offer. This is what this valley provides you.

Hoz de Jaca (3) Biescas – Santa Elena (3) Lanuza (2) Lacuniacha (4) Sallent de Gállego (1) Hoz de Jaca (1)

Sabiñánigo is the entrance to the Tena valley. This important industrial city, with tertiary sector as well, makes a clear bet for culture with museums such as the ones devoted to Ángel Orensanz and Folk Arts of Serrablo, gathering daily tools from ancient life in the Pyrenees. Get a full picture visiting the Drawing Museum Julio Gavín-Castillo, in the nearby village of Larrés.

Between Sabiñánigo and Biescas, on the left side or river Gállego, we suggest you to visit a bunch of nice tiny hamlets, uploaded with quietness, where traditional way of life is still observed: Lárrede, Orós, Gavín, Satué o San Juan de Busa… all of them sharing the same type of church: small, without external decoration, thin towers and narrow windows. They are the Serrablo churches, a route formed by fourteen little temples, whose origins remain contradictory, Mudejar for some Art historians and Romanesque for others. What stands clear is they have their own identity and must be visited.

You get soon to Biescas. Walk down its streets in no hurry and, if you feel like, eat in any of its restaurants. 5 km from Biescas, at the top of a defile, there is the mythic shrine of Saint Helen, beside a prehistoric dolmen.

Keep on driving up the valley. In Piedrafita de Jaca, Lacuniacha is waiting for you. An ideal place for kids because, all along a vast deep forest, you can do animal watching with bears, wolves, deer, reindeer and others.

Tramacastilla de Tena, Sandiniés and Escarrilla are some of the nearby touristic villages worth visiting. Surrounded by attractive landscapes, they provide relax and one-day trips for every kind of visitors.

To the east Panticosa opens up, with its charming country house and the ski resort Aramón Panticosa. A few kilometres from here the historic Baths of Panticosa stand proud, now called Panticosa Resort. This has also been for ages the starting point for trekking routes which allow you to unveil some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Tena valley, in your way to the highest peaks and their surrounding ‘ibones’.

Going up the valley you will reach the swamp of Lanuza, where every July musicians from all over the world sound in the festival ‘Pirineos Sur’.

Once you get past the swamp, right below the mountain ‘Peña Foratata’, Sallent de Gállego is to be found, one of those typical villages in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Many trekkers depart from here in an adventure to the impressive peaks of Respomuso, Balaitús o Anayet; but it is also a reference for ski fans, as the largest ski resort in Spain, Aramón Formigal Panticosa, is located very close to the town.

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