Goya Museum – Ibercaja Collection

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Goya is considered, along with Durero, Rembrandt and Picasso, one of the best artistic engravers in History. Certainly, Goya Museum – Ibercaja collection exhibits permanently the whole four series of engravings painted by the artist.

Museo Ibercaja Camón Aznar Goya – Retrato Reina Mª Luisa de Parma – Ibercaja Los Desastres de la Guerra. Goya La Tauromaquia Los Caprichos

The series “Los Caprichos” (The Whims) shows the artist’s vision about his society. In the paintings “Los Desastres de la Guerra”, (War Disasters) Goya’s interest is focused in showing the deadly consequences of war on civil population. In “La Tauromaquia” (Bullfighting Art), Goya offers a historic approach to bullfighting and describes different bullfighting episodes. “Los Disparates” (The Follies) are fruit from a pessimistic and thorny spirit which took over the artist in his final years.

The museum, located at the Pard Museum, exhibits the Bordeux Bulls littographies, as well as different artist’s paintings. “Retrato de la Reina María Luisa de Parma” (Protrait), “Autorretrato” (Self-portrait) and “La Adoración del Nombre de Dios por los Ángeles” (God’s Name Worship by the Angels) are only some samples of the Goya’s in the museum.

All over the year this space schedules temporary exhibitions around Goya’s figures. The youngest ones will know more about the genius with didactic activities especially designed for them.  


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