Sos del Rey Católico

Sos del Rey Católico

It shows off one of the best medieval heritage spaces in Aragón
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Hometown to King ‘Fernando el Católico’, it stands on a hill and meant, a long time ago, an important border between the ancient kingdoms of Aragón and Navarre. Sos is declared National Heritage and shows off one of the best medieval villages in Aragón.

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Sos del Rey Católico preserves its medieval layout and monuments of great historic value and beauty.

On the top, stands a 12th century castle with a homage tower. On its feet the Jewish alleys and passage ways descend down the hill. Step by step corners like Main Square, market place, City Hall and great manor houses can be found.

There is a very special one: palace of Sada, birth house to King ‘Fernando el Católico’, currently hosting a Centre of Interpretation around this historic character. There is also here a Tourism Office, providing wonderful guided tours around town.

Willing to contemplate Romanesque art in Sos? Don’t miss the churches ‘San Martín de Tours’ and ‘San Esteban’. In the latter, the frescos down in the crypt are a must.

As well as the Jewish suburb, with narrow and curvy alleys.


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What to see near Sos de Rey Católico

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