Paradise for Romanesque art in Aragón
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Crowned by the fortress which baptized the village, Uncastillo hosts several Romanesque churches and an extraordinary artistic heritage, truthful witnesses from thriving Uncastillo’s ancient times.

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Walk along a maze of streets with a spectacular Jewish suburb, watch his beautiful manor house and taste Middle ages at every corner.

If something makes the difference between Uncastillo and the rest of ‘Cinco Villas’ region is the outstanding historic artistic heritage which hosts, Romanesque mainly, as a mirror of important past times.

This village shows off several Romanesque churches: San Martín, Santa María, San Juan, San Lorenzo and San Felices. All of them match in an only-nave and a very articulated apse lay-out. Visit them, walk along the streets and taste the taste from Middle Ages.

The promenade around the Romanesque art in these Historic monuments may set off from the remains of the castle, on the top of ‘Peña Ayllón’, a rocky hill where you can enjoy beautiful views. Don’t miss the museum hosted at the homage tower.

This village developed round the castle. Admire the beauty in the manor house and take a walk down the streets. Take time to visit the seven churches, each one nicer than the rest. ‘Santa María la Mayor’, one of the most remarkable, will surprise you with a sculptural portico. ‘San Martín de Tours’ hosts the Centre for Religious Art of the Pyrenees with a top collection of sacred art.

Palaces, like the Renaissance City Hall; Martín el Humano’s palace and the market house end up this list of monuments. If you don’t want to miss a thing, we recommend you the guided tours around the village, held by the Tourism Office.

Moreover, fifteen kilometers from Uncastillo there is one of the most outstanding archaeological roman sites in Aragón: Los Bañales.

A monumental variety must be added to the alluring surrounding, which invites you to walk it along routes, either on foot and by bike.


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What to see near Uncastillo

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