Monastery San Juan de la Peña

Monastery San Juan de la Peña

Spectacular location for an ancient monastery, Romanesque jewel and first Aragonese pantheon.
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Cradle to the Kingdom of Aragón and origin of misterious legends. San Juan de la Peña monastery, built under a massive rock for shelter at the beginning of the 10th century, combines history, culture and nature like any other else.

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It hosts remains from an ancient Mozarab church, over which it was later built a Romanesque one and the cloister, mostly sculpted by the master from Agüero.

During the Middle Age its isolation provided it legendary traits putting it into relation with the Holy Grail.

It was royal pantheon until the 12th century. Declared of Cultural Interest, the monastery is formed by different parts belonging to different ages. Across the atrium the Council Chamber is reached, as well as the low Church, Mozarab from the 10th century. The aristocrats’ pantheon holds two rows of niches decorated with attached half-point arcs and Jaca-style frieze with stone ribbons.

From there the high church is accessible (11th century) and the cloister (12th), wonderful example of Romanesque Art with a priceless gallery with sculpted capitals representing scenes from the bible.

Really close to the Old Monastery a new Baroque one was built, known as New Monastery, surrounded by a particularly beautiful scenery declared Protected Landscape.


Before and/or after your visit, we recommend you make a stop at our restaurant of de New Monastery. Next to the spectacular San Indalecio meadow, it offers a selection of hot sandwiches, freshly made pizzas, toasts and take-away salads. Take a look at the menu.


Basic info

Monastery San Juan de la Peña
  • Opening period: all year round
  • Price: 12 € (ask for reduced rates)
  • Car park: free
  • Phone: 974 35 51 19
  • Email:

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