Vero River Cultural Park

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Culture, sport and nature melt each other to create a unique space offering a wide range of spare time options: adventure sports, beautiful historical villages, prehistoric paintings and a varied gastronomy in which wines make the difference.

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River Vero Cultural Park hides a remarkable natural and artistic legacy. It is located north from the river Ebro valley and leading to the Pyrenees.

Its more than sixty shelters become it in a real outdoor museum offering a unique chance to admire in the same area the three classical styles concerning prehistoric art in Europe: Paleolithic, Levantinian and schematical. From the Centre of Interpretation of Cave Art in Colungo you may be guided to different shelters all year round. You should book in advance, wear good boots and get ready to contemplate unique sceneries, spectacular paths and ways leading you to discover the paintings by first artists of humankind.

Moreover, there are Bronze and Iron Age sites, Iberian settlements and remains from ancient Roman villas near Castillazuelo.

Worth visiting towns’ list is a long one. Alquézar, which can show off being one the most charming towns in Aragón, holds jewels such as its Abbey and its picturesque old part, surrounded by a rocky landscape. Barbastro, the main town in the area, has an important and worthy heritage with its Cathedral at its front, where the altarpiece really outstands, designed by Damián Forment.

Churches like the ones in Huerta de Vero, Pozán, Castillazuelo, Colungo, Lecina, Bárcabo, the shrine in Dulcis o the Romanesque ones in Treviño, in Adahuesca, are worth visiting indeed. Just for the shake of an adrenaline discharge, nothing better than practicing canyoning in the ‘Sierra de Guara’ canyons, one of the best in Europe.

Guara also provides for the quiet visitors rugged and lovely sceneries that can be spotted during quiet walks. One of them starts off from Alquézar until the River Vero canyon, enabling you to enjoy bird-watching (Egyptian and griffon vulture among others). Another route combines on foot and by car distances, setting off in Colungo and reaching up to the River Vero balcony to enjoy a superb sightseeing. The Somontano Natural Way lets you know ‘Las Almunias de Rodellar’ and ‘Radiquero’.

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