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A thrilling sport where amazing landscapes can be enjoyed while practicing it. You will solve difficulties arising in the narrowest spots along the river by jumping, rappelling, swimming, diving or walking.


In Aragón the cradle of canyoning or ‘Barranquismo’ is waiting for you: the Guara hills. More and more adventurers take up this challenging sport, joining adventure and endurance.

Canyoning tries to deal with the issues you may find in the narrowest spots along the river: falls, steeps, narrow passing ways…by jumping, rappelling, swimming, diving or walking. This is why being fit is required, as well as swimming, knowing the surrounding area and a wide knowledge of rafting techniques.  

So, if you are not experienced enough in this field, you are better off getting some help from a skilled sport-guide, which will make you feel completely safe while enjoying the beauty you are about to find.

In Aragón there are different areas to practice canyoning, but two are particularly remarkable: ‘Sierra de Guara’ and the Pyrenees. Guara, where canyoning in Europe was born, is considered a Paradise by adventure sports fans, due to the great variety of chances. You are going to find from the easiest ones to the highest-skilled ones. River Vero rafting is one of the most known, ‘Gorgas Negras’, the longest in Sierra de Guara. ‘Barranco de Otín’ and the one in Chimiachas are also a must.

You will also see countless ravines along the Pyrenees. However, most of them are only for highly-skilled practitioners as water temperature is really low there and other technical difficulties may arise.

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