A fairy tales’ town in the heart of Matarranya region
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Valderrobres is crowned by a monumental castle, connected to the gothic church ‘Santa María la Mayor’. In the main square, where you can enter through the magnificent stone bridge, the City Hall and several manor houses deserve being mentioned.

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Once crossed the stone bridge and the city wall through ‘San Roque’ gate, you are in one of the most beautiful towns in Aragón and Europe.

Declared Historic Heritage, on the Middle Age alleys, full of nice corners, some monuments must be mentioned: the church ‘Santa María’, one of the best samples of Gothic architecture in Aragón, the palace-castle of Valderrobres, Gothic as well, and the City Hall, remarkable example of Renaissance palace in Aragón.

The castle is known to be built in 12th century. During the Spanish ‘Reconquista’ it was first a defense tower and in year 1307 the Archbishop of Saragossa became the master in these territories and fostered the most monumental Valderrobres as it is known in present times.


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