Beceite Hill Pass

Beceite Hill Pass

Entering the ‘Parrizal’ in Beseit/Beceite is a fantastic and surprising experience for those in search of pure nature
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‘Los Puertos de Beceite’ are a mountain range between the Ebro river valley and the Mediterranean, spread among Tarragona, Castellón ahd Teruel provinces. Their Sharp hills, holed by numerous rivers and canyons, hide impressive sceneries like ‘Parrissal de Beseit’, ‘Les Roques de Masmut’ ‘La Pesquera’ and ‘Salt de la Portellada’.

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The river web, along with a mountain climate-like humidity provide with an environment prone to vegetal diversity, with pine forests mixed with oaks, maples, holms, boxwoods and others, apart from a wide range of Mediterranean species.

The canyons, holed by crystal clear waters, such as ‘La Pesquera’ and ‘Escresala’, with lots of indigenous trouts and crabs, are a dreamy habitat for aquatic blackbird.

The most known enclave is ‘El Parrissal’, which holds a marvelous promenade among rock walls, and runs along the river Matarranya banks. ‘Les roques del Masmut’ are an impressive red-coloured rock area, higher than 100 metres, crowded by a vultures colony and not far from Peñarroya de Tastavins. Don’t forget to watch the nice 20 metres high waterfall ‘El Salt’ in La Portellada.

‘El Parrissal de Beseit’

Entering it is a fantastic experience, friendly to everyone regardless their age or condition. The route sets off near Beceite and runs in parallel to Matarranya river. Along the walk you are going to cross over the river several times on passages leading you above small crystal clear water pools.

The path ends in ‘Els Estrets’ where the river gets narrow between vertical rocks ranging from 1,5 metres and 60 metres high, with overwhelming creepy stones known as ‘Les Gúbies’.

Be aware that accesses are limited at weekends, long weekends and high season.



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What to see near Beceite

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