Living witness of Spanish Civil War horrible consequences
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Right beside the new town, famous old town is still standing, in ruins since it was bombed and wiped out during our evil Civil War. Surprisingly, many of these ruins keep splendor from past times, like ‘San Martín de Tours’ church, Clock Tower and ‘San Roque’ and ‘de la villa’ arcs.

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Check out by yourself the ancient shining in this village, by local guides and enjoy an overwhelming experience. This scenery in ruins and wrapped by legends has been chosen by several film-makers as location for their movies. For instance, Guillermo del Toro, who filmed ‘El Laberinto del Fauno’ here.

Belchite is located in one of the driest areas in Aragón. The new town was built in mid-20th century according to the en-vogue style by that time. This is the reason to broad and straight streets, wide squares like ‘Plaza España’, home to the City Hall and the church. Two worth visiting museums can be found: Ethnologic Museum and Centre of Interpretation of Ebro valley Plains.

In the outskirts, it is also worth coming over up to the Baroque shrine “Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Pueyo”.

Nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the protected areas near Belchite: the shelter for Wild Fauna “La Lomaza” and the Birds Reserve ‘El Planerón’. You can reach p to ‘El Planerón’ by bike on a route from Belchite, learning throughout it the nice desert sceneries surrounding the town.

In order to disclosure the cultural heritage in this area, you are invited to trek from the old town heading off the Roman swamp in Almonacid de la Cuba, up along Augasvivas River.


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What to see near Belchite

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