Being more than 2,000 years old makes it a culture pot, a modern dynamic city where there is no room for getting bored.
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Romans, Muslims, Jewish and Christians left their own print in this crossway, so the list of must-see monuments is endless. The Pilar basilica, the largest Baroque temple in Spain, symbolizes this city. Aljafería palace and El Salvador cathedral, known as ‘La Seo’ are the other two artistic jewels you shouldn’t miss.

8_-_la_seo2_-_daniel_marcos_felix_bernad.jpg 10_-_vista_nocturna_po_independencia._daniel_marcos.jpg 11-_puerta_del_carmen._daniel_marcos.jpg 13_-_museo_del_foro-agustin_martinez-4262x2811ppp-2007.jpg 15_-_museo_pablo_gargallo._dec.jpg 16_-_patio_de_la_infantajose_garrido.jpg 21_-_palacio_de_congresos_-_daniel_marcos.jpg 9. El pilar baja Aljafería


One step from El Pilar, La Seo cathedral will blow you away with its beauty and eclectic styles mix. Aljafería palace is another must-see visit. Like ‘La Seo’ Mudejar style – World Heritage -.

But there’s a lot more to be seen and done. Taking a walk along the city center, you are going to come across nice churches, splendid Renaissance buildings, Modernist facades and Roman sites which have been turned into museums. The Forum, public baths, river harbor and the theatre belong nowadays to the Route ‘Caesaraugusta’. But if you are willing to follow Goya’s track, please visit the Zaragoza Museum in downtown Los Sitios square, or the Goya Museum – Ibercaja Collection, where his great pictures series are exhibited.

Expo premise is another must-see facility in the city- The river Aquarium, the largest in Europe, is hosted here. Monkeys, otters and the big crocodile from the Nilus river are some of the species sheltered which are really successful among youngest visitors.

The aquarium, along with the Bridge Pavilion, the Water Tower and the Convention Centre make the superb legacy of infrastructures built for the International Exhibition in 2008. A sample that, at the same time, made this city more beautiful and modern-looking as well as it enhanced the trade fairs and conventions factor.

Zaragoza is also the perfect city where going shopping. Numerous shopping centres can be spotted around town, but one outstands, Puerto Venecia, garnished with the MAPIC award as the best mal and leisure center in the world in 2013.

We are sure Zaragoza will captivate you with its charming atmosphere his people’s kindness, but also with a delicious cuisine. ‘El Tubo’ is the most named area for snacking or ‘tapeo’, also typical at squares like Santa Marta, San Miguel and Santa Cruz. In all of them, old restaurants mix with breaking-through imaginative suggestions full of taste.

So, you’d better book in Zaragoza. Any season is fine, but two days can’t be missed: Pilar fair, around 12th October, with the famous Flower Offer, and Easter, declared of International Touristic Interest.


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