Aragon, kingdom of birds

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There are more than 300 different species in this territory, which is a crossroads of migratory routes.

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In Aragon birds coming from Africa can be observed all throught the spring and summer, whereas in autumn and winter we can enjoy the company of those birds coming from northern Europe.
The fact that Aragon lies in the central part of the Ebro Valley, from the French border to the Iberian System, makes it possible that in less than 100 km we can enjoy a wide variety of environments.
Due to the great diversity of habitats, the low population density in a 90% of the territory, and a relative good conservation status, there is a great amount and variety of birds to be observed. More than 370 species have been cited, being over 200 of them breeding species and the rest wintering, migratory and wandering.
Their origins are also varied; from tipically Eurosiberian birds to Mediterranean and Indoafrican. Although the level of transformation of the habitat due to human activity has been severe, there are still some locations where we can enjoy a high level of conservation.
Photos: David Cayuela

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