Kingdom of ‘los Mallos’

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A medieval castle fit for movies. White water rivers, a Paradise for climbers. And really tasty cakes. All this and much more is waiting for you in the land known as ‘Reino de los Mallos’. Welcome home.

Castillo de Loarre. Foto: Esteban Anía Curso Kayak Perfeccionamiento,riglos,kayak Mirador de los Buitres

A little more than 30 km far north from Huesca a majestic, medieval astonishing fortress stands proud: the castle of Loarre. Built between the 11th and 13th centuries, it has become famous for being the best preserved Romanesque castle in Europe. Its passage ways, towers, chapels and dungeons will lead you to the Middle Age for a moment. This is why, and due to its excellent condition, Ridley Scott chose it to film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. Watch out the columns and have a look over the ‘Mirador de la Reina’ to enjoy an unforgettable paramount of the Pyrenees.

Take the chance during your journey to step across the alleyways in Ayerbe and discover its smart squares and manor houses from de the Renaissance. The Medicine Nobel Prize, Santiago Ramón y Cajal lived here during his early years, and a Centre of Interpretation about his figure is opened. Don’t leave before tasting their delicious bakery ‘tortas’!

Bolea is also just around the corner from Huesca city and it is really worth visiting as well. Crowned by an impressive monastery or ‘colegiata’, walk in there and stare the magnificent main altarpiece, considered to be a master piece in Renaissance painting.

Further on, the road runs along the river Gállego. You will soon come across the amazing paramount of the ‘Mallos de Riglos’, red-coloured extraordinary geological formations. For sure you will not have seen anything similar yet. You can drive off towards the village of Riglos to take a closer look to this massive rocky wall, a perfect spot for climbing.

If you feel like it, enrich your visit with the ‘Mallos de Agüero’, only a few miles away on the other side of the river Gállego. Apart from sheltering the village of Agüero below it, an important vultures colony can be spotted, always flying high. In the outskirts of Agüero, the enigmatic und unfinished shrine of ‘Santiago’ can be found, visiting it is delightful, at any season of the year. Another shrine worth visiting is ‘Virgen de la Peña’, in Aniés, in an astonishing natural location.

Up north, the road links with the river from Murillo de Gállego, where rafting can be practised at adventure sports businesses, and it passes through a ravine until it opens wide towards the Swamp of ‘La Peña’. The crystal-clear waters of Gállego river flow then under a spectacular iron bridge surrounded by ‘foces’ or outstanding ravines.


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