Goya’s birth house

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In Fuendetodos, around 50 km from Saragossa city, you will know the inconspicuous farmer house where Goya was born in 1746. Its three floors are decorated with furniture and objects that will take you back to 18th century.


Goya’s birth house attracts every year roughly 20,000 visitors to Fuendetodos.

Entering this farmer house where Goya was born thrills you up, since the artist spent in it his first six years while his father, José Goya, worked decorating the altarpiece in the Parish church. The baptism pile where the genius was baptized has made it to current times.

Engravings Goya Museum, opened in 1989 has three floors and next door to goya’s bith house. It hosts four series of engravings by Goya: the whims, War disasters, bullfighting and Follies.

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