Mountain lakes of Aragón

‘Ibón’ is the word in Aragonese which mentions the glacial-origin lakes in the Pyrenees, absolutely unique and so scarce in the Iberian Peninsula
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‘Ibones’ for families, frozen ones, with their own stories…Pick one and then another one, all offered to you. Some of them are easily reachable by car, or touristic train, or taking a ski lift. You will reach most of them on foot, through secured paths crossing remarkable landscapes.

Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena Jorge Fuembuena

Ready to 'iboning'?

Every ‘ibón’ are located in particularly beautiful locations, surrounded by lovely meadows, forests to dream or superb peaks.

As high-mountain lakes, their landscape value is great. Some of them are easy to reach and others are located in intricate sceneries. Woods, fields and rocks surround their thin sheets of water as worthy jewels. The website ‘Ibones de Aragón’ may guide you and help you pick the best one for you.

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'Ibones' of Aragón