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From the Pyrenees down to the mountain ranges in southern Teruel, one can walk along majestic castles, incense-scent abbeys, palaces with one thousand stories, cathedrals, towers, churches and small hermitages in places where sky can nearly be touched. We invite you to discover the art of Aragón along a way full of surprises.

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When History becomes Art

In Aragón a unique art style is to be found: the mudéjar, an uneven print left by Muslim craftsmen in Christian buildings during the Middle Age. Declared World Heritage by Unesco, this style symbolizes tolerance among cultures. Join an unforgettable adventure to sensations where the stone becomes art in the Romanesque. Let us also invite you to come along the origins of Goya, the most universal Aragonese artist, and his work in his country.

Muslim and Christian castles, templar and ‘Calatravian’, some of them palace-like while others are astonishing fortresses. Cold stone, old secrets and legends, history, art, landscape… Aragonese monasteries have been waiting for your visit for centuries. Cathedrals, abbeys and shrines joining inside art and religion, are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Would you like to step into the prehistoric art in Aragón? Follow the footprints of our first inhabitants and live an adventure to discover their legacy. We offer you an amazing journey to the Iberians unknown world in the Bajo Aragón, who lived in these lands more than 2,000 years ago. A route including more than 20 recovered archaeological sites, located in wonderful sceneries. We also offer you to walk through the narrow streets of the Jewish suburbs or 'juderías' which have been preserved in different towns around our country.

The most famous Aragonese citizens are GoyaBuñuel and Cajal. They have been and still are our most famous ambassadors around the world.

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