Its nice old part and the spectacular landscape surrounding this village make it a privileged location
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Walk quietly along the cobblestoned alleys and pay attention to the roofs and the typical chimneys on the houses, which have remained almost the same form ancient times. The porticoes and shelters are some other architectonical details speaking about a rich past.

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One peculiar thing in Hecho is the Contemporary Art Museum, where a permanent exhibition can be visited, about outdoor sculptures. Apart from that, inside Casa Mazo, a typical house in this valley, the Ethnological Museum is opened.

One of the oldest Santiago’s roads entering Aragón through the Pyrenees was the Roman way crossing Palo port and descending along ‘Val d’Echo’ (Hecho valley). This way as well as the path across Ansó valley run beautiful sceneries like Oza valley and Selva de Oza, an exuberant beeches and firs forest.

This is an area with several megalithic monuments, therefore the Centre for Interpretation of Megalithic in the Pyrenees is opened only eight kilometers from Echo, on the road to Selva de Oza.

In addition, several trekking and mountain bike paths set off from Echo. One of them belong to GR15 to Urdués, and other one is the Santiago’s historic path through Hecho valley, partially matching GR65.3, a Santiago’s Road alternative way, and the PR-HU 21.


What to see near Hecho

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