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Are you travelling with your kids? If so, Aragón is your destination
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100% nature, amusement parks, fairy tales’ castles, dinosaurs, multiadventure options and even the biggest fresh water aquarium in Europe. Hurry up and visit Aragón with your family!

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Plans with kids around Aragón

In Dinópolis Territory you will discover the dinosaurs’ world in the funniest and most didactic way. Even more, if you are fond of wildlife, watch out because we propose you lots of ways to come close to animals in Aragón: long walks in the Pyrenees near deer, fallow-deer and ‘sarrios’ (Aragonese word for a kind of deer) in the Wildlife Park of Lacuniacha, vulture watching in its habitat, being a farmer for a day or even admiring a crocodile from the Nilus river in the Aquarium of Zaragoza.

Six ski resorts with both summer and winter activities, small trains crossing spectacular valleys in the Pyrenees, caves, astronomy, wine tourism with your beloved ones or even a real coal mine to explore in your own helmet and with a hand light in Escucha Mining Museum.

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