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Because travelling is not only about visiting, but about living as well
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Fifty innovative initiatives to enjoy in a very other way Aragon’s landscapes and heritage. Gastronomical experiences, but also cultural ones, wine-related, active, familiar ones… Discover them and dare yourself to enjoy them!

Experiencias_DormirenIglú OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Experiencias_Supervivenciaenfamilia Experiencias_TenaPark

Because life is your best experience

Spending the night inside an igloo at the Pyrenees, under a sky full of stars, learning survival techniques in the wood, staring at the dawn with 20,000 migrating birds flying in front of you, enjoying from wine tourism with your family…

Activities helping us to know wildlife, culture and the History of Aragón from another point of view. Living, experiencing, learning.

Discover some of the best touristic experiences in Aragón and remember your travel from a unique point of view. Because our destination is never a place, but a new way to look at things.

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Aragón Touristic Experiences