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Chistau Valley

Chistau Valley

This beautiful corner in Aragón will fascinate you due to dreamy sceneries and ancient times-taste high mountain villages
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Gistaín/Chistau valley is surrounded by impressive peaks, numerous mountain lakes or ‘ibons’ and massive steep fields where the cattle grazes. Unforgettable journeys, on foot and by bike, are waiting for you in this privileged valley.

Gistain (1) Gistain (2) Gistain (3) Gistain (6) Gistain (8)

Plan, San Juan de Plan/ San Chuan de Plan, Gistaín/ Chistau and Tella-Sin are the bucolic villages forming this valley, with their Stone houses, steep alleys and picturesque corners looking at mountain views.

Along with their traditional architecture, these villages have managed to preserve carnivals, St. John’s fires and popular craftwork and dressing.

A valley offering not only trekking paths for everyone, climbing to frozen ‘ibons’ and mythic peaks like Posets and Bachimala, but also the pleasure of slow travelling, off the beaten track.


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