Goya in el Pilar

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The topic chosen to decorate the little choir dome, opposite to the Holy Chapel, was the Adoration in the name of God. Throughout clouds in different perspectives, Goya creates the sensation of depth which is necessary to draw the viewer’s attention towards the symbolic triangle.


Years later, Goya would paint the today known as ‘Regina Martyrum’ dome. For his first time, the painter was facing a semi-spherical surface and, once again, it was perfectly solved. In fact, this dome is considered to be one of his best works. It shows Holy Mary among clouds, surrounded by angels. Beneath her, the Saint Martyrs from the Catholic church in Aragón are crowded and, behind them, people’s martyrs, army’s and childhood’s martyrs, represented by St. ‘Dominguito de Val’.

In the four corners, as interesting as the dome, Goya painted the four Virtues: Strength, Patience, Charity and the nice figure of Faith in white tones.  


Photo: Agustín Martínez

Basic info

  • Opening period: all year around
  • Price: free entry
  • Car park: plaza del Pilar
  • Phone: 976 20 12 00 (Zaragoza Turismo)
  • Phone: 976 39 74 97 (Cabildo)

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