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Ibérica norte

Tarazona, Calatayud and Daroca, cities with centuries of history and mudejar territory
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This is Mudejar territory. But also, a land of amazing landscapes, magnificent bath resorts and balanced wines. The valleys of rivers Isuela, Jalón, Mesa or Piedra provide a wide range of sceneries.

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Tarazona and Moncayo

Get ready to step into a world of magic. A praised mountain in ancient times, a spectacular show of landscapes, an area full of legends and a monuments variety asking for a second visit.

In the foothills of Moncayo Natural Park, one of the Cistercian jewels in Aragon is waiting for you: the monastery of Veruela. A few miles from Veruela one of the most spectacular, nice original old towns in Aragón stands proud: Tarazona. Make yourself home and visit the cathedral ‘Santa María de Huerta’. Old legends say that witches met together in Trasmoz. From the homage tower in the castle a magnificent paramount is devised.

The next stop in our route all over Moncayo’s territory is Borja. Take a walk around the Jewish suburb and the alleys garnished with manor houses, Renaissance palaces and temples. The route around the lands in ‘Campo de Borja’ will give you another surprise: Counts’ of Bureta palace.

Files in Monastery of Veruela depict the first reference to the vineyard in these lands back in year 1203. Feel the taste of the wines of Garnacha Wine Touristic Route. You are going to be blown away here by the grandeur of the castle in Mesones de Isuela and the Pope Luna’s castle in Illueca. But, apart from a rich heritage and charming villages, the valleys of rivers Isuela, Aranda and Manubles, provide a wide range of sceneries.

Monastery of Piedra and Calatayud

This is Mudejar territory. But also, a land of amazing landscapes, magnificent bath resorts and balanced wines. Calatayud foundation dates back to the Roman Bílbilis. Muslim presence left as a legacy to the city excellent Mudejar art Works. But not only in Calatayud. Most towns in this territory can show off beautiful Mudejar churches. AtecaTobedAniñón and Torralba de Ribota are only some of them.

Monastery of Piedra is an old 12th-century Cistercian monastery lo­cated in a park where the River Piedra has spent millennia carving the rock into stunning waterfalls and caves. Come up to any of the six spa resorts set along the Iberian mountain range, located in Jaraba, Alhama de Aragón and Paracuellos de Jiloca.

There are also extremely beautiful ravines in the 'Hoces del río Piedra' and the Mesa River Canyon, between Calmarza and Jaraba. The visit to the Maravillas Caves, in Ibdes, will let you enter a real natural museum and make a trip to the underground.

Daroca and Cariñena

The monumental town of Daroca opens the doors of its walls to present an historic urban layout. The lagoon of Gallocanta is the ornithological enclave par excellence. A matural habitat of diverse species of birds, especially hosts cranes in their migratory routes that can be seen hundreds of November to February.

In the Domains of Campo de Cariñena, the vineyards that produce the famous wines with designation of origin that you can taste in one of their cellars are bred. Exceptional is the ceramics created by the artisans of Muel, whose colors and quality give it worldwide fame.